Basic Divorce Fees

This site is focused on finding a divorce attorney who will benefit you the best way possible, but we would be remiss if we didn't inform you about the very basic process to file for divorce. You have a few options if you want to file them yourself.

The first is Direct Submit - you will buy the forms, fill them out yourself, then submit them to the courthouse. The average filing fee is $90.00 and another $110.00 for the masters fee. There is a form called DR.32, if you have trouble paying the filing fees the court will allow you to prove hardship, if you qualify your payment fees are waived.

The second is Online Divorce - this divorce kit can run anywhere from $30.00 to the $300.00 range. The lower end kit provides the forms and instructions, you do the rest. The higher end products have you fill out your information online, they fill in the forms and send it to you. Also, you have access to live help for the process. As a member some sites also offer books to read which go into greater detail about specific divorce subjects. With either service you will still have to file your papers with the court.

If you really want the low budget divorce route, then look at the two options above. Most of the online divorce sites have much more detail about there services, but you still will have to do the filing yourself. For the do-it-yourself type, these programs may be just what you ordered. The second option still requires you to pay the court fees on top of the divorce kit costs.

Where To Start

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This divorce papers downloadable online kit includes:
- No Fault Uncontested Divorce Forms
- Marital Settlement Agreement

This is the least expensive way to start a Uncontested divorce.