Uncontested Divorce Attorney

The uncontested divorce is also known as the No Contest divorce. Some people feel comfortable hiring a uncontested divorce attorney, but most don't because the couples are still cordial and have agreed on a settlement.If you still fell more comfortable hiring a divorce attorney, then by all means do so. The fees can range anywhere from $100.00 to $1000.00 and as you would expect the lower price attorney works on a higher volume so you may not always get their undivided attention.

The No Contest Divorce Process

The no contest or uncontested divorce is very much like a contested divorce, but without the complicated disagreements between the couple. The party not filing still has 30 days to respond to the divorce decree, but in these cases most of the time the two parties have already come to an agreement.

If you have an agreement, then there is no reason to go in front of a judge. You have settled whatever was needed to be settled and all the courts need to do is make it official.

Hiring a uncontested divorce attorney would be for your own comfort and to do the paperwork. There is no right or wrong, but saving the lawyers fees is the biggest motivator in using this process. The key here again is finding the right attorney that will give you good advice and handle the needs of your case.

The End Result

In most cases you probably won't even need a uncontested divorce attorney for this process, but if you still want to hire one consider it on a advisers level. Only pay when they are needed, or read about the simple divorce.

You may find a paralegal will be all you need to complete the process, either way the costs will be much lower if you and you ex-spouse can end the marriage in a cordial fashion.

If you choose to use a uncontested divorce attorney start by viewing the ads provided on this site, they should be targeted for your area. If you can't find what you need, then try Legal Match - Need a Divorce Lawyer? They will suggest attorneys to fit your needs.