Books About Divorce And Attorneys

If you are looking for a broader range of insight about divorce and divorce attorney hiring, then a book is the place to go. The Internet has made it so easy to get access quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your home. Unlike paperback books, e-books can be updated quickly so you have current information. We have chosen a few that seem relevant to this topic.

Hi, my name is Tracy,

I went through a divorce myself, and have worked with divorcing women for several years. I know from experience what an impact divorce can have on a woman’s life.
When I went through my divorce, I was emotionally raw, worn down by all the decisions to be made, and frustrated by the lack of good information.
Consequently, I made my fair share of mistakes. Having learned my lessons the hard way, I made a promise to myself that no woman would ever have to face this journey alone.
As a result, I started the Woman's Divorce website in 2001 to help other women going through a divorce, and have done so ever since.

Child Custody Coach is a must read for any parent involved in a divorce involving children...I found the information about attorneys to be very enlightening and have found thru very painful and expensive experience all this to be so true. If you ever felt your attorney was not telling you the "whole" story, Steven will enlighten you...I have found Steven's coaching and knowledge of the legal system to be invaluable..."

My name is Dr. Reena Sommer. I am a divorce consultant and coach and I work exclusively with divorcing people, couples and families. My 20 years of experience in this area comes from working with clients from all parts of the U.S., Canada and even as far away as Europe, India and Australia.

Over the years, I've witnessed many of the challenges that people face when they divorce. These challenges can cause considerable heartache, hardship and expense. However, many of these divorce related difficulties can be avoided - if clients avail themselves ahead of time of the proper information about the divorcing process. Here are some of the subjects covered:
  • when do negotiations not work in divorce?
  • what are the special challenges for divorcing parents?
  • how to get the most out of your attorney?
  • how to reduce the cost of your legal fees?
You can read more from the Ten Biggest Divorce Mistakes, pay now or pay much more later.